Ditch the spreadsheet.

Increase your efficiency & book more gigs in less time.

Keep track of contacts

Keeping track of who you've emailed, called, sent a press kit to, or filled out a form for can get overwhelming. GigaBooker helps you track the status of the contacts for all of your venues.

Add gigs quickly

On most calendars, you have to enter all of the information for the venue each time you add a gig. With GigaBooker, you can attached dates to venues so the data entry is as minimal as possible.


Have a few people from your band all working on booking? Use GigaBooker together and everyone will stay in the loop! You can embed your calendar on your website too to update your fans!

Manage Booking On-The-Go!

GigaBooker is fully responsive and built for mobile devices. Use it from your phone or tablet to book gigs anywhere you go!

Contact Timer

The contact timer lets you know when its time to reach out to a contact you haven't spoken to in a while.

Keep Notes

Make notes about contacts, venues and gigs and share them with everyone in your group!

Know where you're playing

You can use contact types to organize contacts into venues, festivals, radio hosts, booking agents and lots more!

Track your pay

At the end of the day, getting paid keeps the lights on! Track your pay across gigs and venues to make sure you're always making the most you can.

Keep tabs on your contacts

Who have you called, emailed, sent a press kit to? Always know exactly what's been done and what the next step is with GigaBooker.

Is GigaBooker right for my act?

GigaBooker is built for musicians or anyone else who books live performances in multiple venues.

Solo Acts

GigaBooker is great for solo acts who perform locally or go on the road from time to time.


GigaBooker is perfect for bands who want to manage their booking in a central location and collaborate.

Talent Managers

GigaBooker will work great for a team managing multiple acts performing at many venues.

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