Spend less time booking gigs and more time making music.

GigaBooker makes it simple for working bands and musicians to collaborate and track their booking efforts from start to finish.

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Track Status By Venue

Keep track of which venues you've contacted, who to send press kits to, and which venues you've already booked.

Grow your database

Keep information for each venue centralized. Grow your database and update venue info.

Increase profits

Keep track of which venues pay the best and get notifications to follow up on your most lucrative gigs.

It's time to ditch the spreadsheet.

Whether you're playing coffee shops or stadiums, GigaBooker has what you're looking for. Ditch the spreadsheet and let GigaBooker handle the dirty work.

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How GigaBooker can help you

Start booking more gigs with less effort.

Manage venues with a few clicks

We make sure you and your band members don't enter duplicate records and keep track of which venues you haven't reached out to in a while, how many times you've played a venue and how much you got paid each time.

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Fully responsive on any device

You're not always at a computer when you need to book a gig, make a contact or lookup your notes on a venue's tech specs. GigaBooker works on phones and tablets too, so you can manage your entire tour from the road!

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Embed on your website

Tired of updating your calendar in several places? Embed your calendar on your website by pasting a couple of lines of code and it will update in real time when you make changes in GigaBooker.

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Built for musicians by musicians

GigaBooker came about when our band was unable to find a great tool tailored to booking local and regional acts. Every feature in GigaBooker was built specifically because we wanted to use it in the real world.

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The challenge

Booking gigs has never been easy, but with the right tools it can be. :)

"The more you write tunes, the better they will become. The more you do gigs, the better you will become."

- Ed Sheeran

"You learn to read the audiences after a while, and there are all different kinds of gigs."

- Van Morrison

Ready to start booking more shows? It's the easiest thing you will do all day.

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